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ESG Brand Acceleration


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The accolade is further confirmation that the territory is moving in the right direction as it seeks to rebuild “stronger, greener and in a more sustainable manner”.

Vincent Wheatley

Minister for Natural Resources, District 9
The Virgin Islands


Future-Proof Action Award for

Chapters' Corporeate Members

One of the keys to successful Sustainability/ESG is to recognize the importance of celebrating small steps during empowerment (Peope-Centric Approach).  The power of progress helps to track and celebrate the small steps on the way to that big hairy audacious goal. The Special Awards are also powered by InnoESG Prize Series.

This small but important celebration step does more than simply feed the human desire to succeed, they also:

  • Increase faith in the worth of the effort and encourage others to commit to the sustainability/ESG

  • Sway the cynics to a more positive view of the enhancement as they see real progress

  • Recognize those who are working hard to achieve the vision of sustainable business

  • Provide feedback on the value of the vision and the path the leaders have chosen

InnoESG Recognitions Series Ceremony Events

Co-organize with International Service Organizations.


Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed companies, private companies and more.


The Application details will be shared in the Acceleration Certification 

Workshop. To learn more about  Recogitions,

please email

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