Board of Governors


Mr. Gabriel Chung

Founder and President, SocietyNext Foundation

Gabriel is a practitioner, author, and organisation development leader in the Innovation and Transformation field. He has experience in the apparel, hospitality, food and beverage, and information technology sectors. He has led many projects that are considered to be a first in Hong Kong, and even throughout wider Asia. Gabriel’s achievements include receiving the Organisational Performance Award of Excellence in the US, publishing a business case in a top European business school journal, and bringing the OpenIDEO Local Chapter to Hong Kong.
His corporate projects have received seven public awards, including 1) the ISPI Award of Excellence; 2) HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Award; 3) HKAI Customer Service Award; 4) HKRMA Service & Courtesy Award; 5) Family Council Innovation Award; 6) ERB Grand Prize Award; and 7) HKIHRM Excellent Learning & Development Award. Gabriel’s projects have been featured as case studies in international journals such as Global Business and Organizational Excellence, KEDGE (Wiley) and ISPI (Organisational) Performance Improvement Journal (Wiley), and the Top Downloaded Article Award for (Organisational) Performance Improvement (Wiley).

Mr. Andy Chan

Managing Director, SRI, SocietyNext Foundation

Andy is responsible for development in ESG/SDG performance and in Responsible Investing advisory work through social impacts. As a chartered accountant, Andy is a financial veteran with wide experience in corporate finance businesses. He has served in different sectors of industry on direct investment, and merger and acquisition in the capital market across different countries, including Greater China, the ASEAN countries and the United States.
Andy is one of the co-founders of the Elsie Tu Education Fund (杜葉錫恩教育基金) in 2013.  Andy also served as the Honorary Auditor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Association (紫荊花杯傑出企業家協會) for over 14 years and as a Board Member of the Durham University (杜倫大學) Asia-Pacific Development Board since 2013. He is also serving as an Advisory Board Member of Lingnan University (嶺南大學) Global Liberal Art Bachelor Programme and as a Governor of Wahhar College, Hong Kong.

Mr. Thirupathi Nachiappan (Thiru)

Program Director, SDG World Records and Master Adjudicator, SocietyNext Foundation

Thiru is responsible for development of the SDG World Records Partnership around the world. He has more than 30 years’ experience in international business, management and administration. He is also the Country (Hong Kong) Representative of a 100-year-old Panamanian Law Firm, ICAZA Hong Kong Limited, and also the compliance officer of the company.
Being a global traveller, having visited over 40 countries, he has a natural talent for easily communicating with people from different countries and backgrounds. He also serves in different capacities in government departments, UNESCO Hong Kong, Hong Kong Federations of Invention and Innovation, Don Bosco South Asian Youth Services, etc.

Mr. Oliver Lo

Program Director of Global Communities and Master Facilitator, SocietyNext Foundation

Oliver is responsible for cultivating, developing and accrediting Design Thinking practitioners, ambassadors, facilitators, and master facilitators, in order to make available enough ESG/SDG talents to engage in using DT to change the world. He has over 30 years of experience as a Director/Facilitator/Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the Talent Development industry. He is skilled in Design Thinking Facilitation, Train-the-Trainer/Facilitator, Negotiation, Executive Development, Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Team Building.


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