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Working Towards a Sustainable Future


Ongoing Making Sustainable Value Visible


Achieving good sustainability is crucial to the success of sustainable business. Not only do high ESG standards help to mitigate risk for investors, but they also help to identify and maximise opportunities to engage potential talents for companies.

Without the Competency-based ESG Apporach, there is a tendency for Sustainability/ESG to rely too heavily on the WHATs (long-term or short-term outcomes / objectives), without providing behavioral guidance.

By leveraging Sustainable Development Goals (from UN), companies and talents gain a common language that spells out the HOWs in sustainability/ESG. The Goals also can be aligned with ESG, which in turn helps companies promote sustainability, philanthropy, and public social impacts.

Data-Driven ESG (Reporting, Rating, Scoring) and

Competency-based ESG are complementary relationship.


External People-Centric ESG Approach

PAST SUCCESS does not guarantee future performance but a strong sustainability/ESG value creation capability can help companies tap new markets and expand into existing ones for the FUTURE PERFORMANCE. Today’s environmential and societal issues are too complex to tackle alone.

Co-creation with Customers can Accelerate

ESG Identity and Emotional Connection



Our Acceleration Programs and

Symoblic ESG Goodwill Tools including

1) ESG Identity ( Profile and

2) Integrated SDG Badge Platform and InnoESG Prize Series

help listco / sustainable suppliers who want to

Onging Make Sustainable Value Visible

by Decrease Behavioral Mis-alignment with Employees

and Increase Emotional Connection with Customers.

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