Pathways to Goodwill of 
Sustainable Business

Part 1

(First Half-Year)

All SDG Badges, SDG World Records, and all Vertified Items by SN, will be uploaded automatically to your Symbolic ESG Identity 

( which provide a trustworthy mechanism for verifying that the info have not been altered after the fact in eyes of the key stakeholders.


Ceremonial Kickoff of
the ESG at the Begining

ESG is new normal. Unconventional threats from climate change, environmental and societal challenges together have pushed sustainability value creation from a back office ESG Expectation Alignment assessment to an engagement model that proactively tries to deliver value as the core priority for many businesses.

Benefit of Ceremonial Kickoff of ESG at the begining of the Year

  • Create a sense of urgency for different teams

  • Make ESG a visual and acoustic highlight

  • Use the kick-off to provide motivation for the new business-year


SDG Badge Culture
(Sustainability in Action)

The Certification Workshop focuses on People-Centric Approach with Sustainability Value Creation Tools so your team members understand the specific behaviors they need to exhibit in achieving results. The People-Centric Approach is useful in involving people (internal and/or external) for working towards Sustainability/ESG together.

Sustainable Develoment Goals (SDGs) was unanimously adopted by the ALL 193 Member States of the United Nations by 2015. SDGs are also becoming increasingly important to investors. A PwC survey of global companies revealed the 72% made reference to the SDGs in annual or sustainability reports.

Why Should I Attend?

  1. Learn to priority needs of sustainability and gaps so you can focus on sustainability value creation goals

  2. Learn to identify sustainability opportunities and align them with your organization’s sustainable business focuses

  3. Select appropriate SDG Badge achievements

  4. Be empowered with the tools you need to facilitate the strategic stakeholder engagement to support organizational sustainability/ESG needs

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed for in-house Sustainability/ESG Practitioners who are currently responsible for Sustainability/ESG efforts in one of sections of company or those who want to be ready for this challenge in their current or future positions. 


Part I - Workshop

One of the Examples

It is primarily intended as a tool for evaluating and fostering understanding of the actual impacts.

Another Example

Without the objectives and facts, we cannot act upon or pass on accurate and useful information. But now we that we are aware of some of these problems, we must reassess for our future and take action.

*According to SN'sThe Customer Sustainability Preferences Survey Report


First Half-year
Vertification Statement
Application Submission

"The issuer may seek independent assurance to strengthen the credibility of  the ESG information disclosed.

HKEX's Appendix 27 Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (Point 9)

Sustainable Development in Action

Vertification Statement

Effectively communicating your business credentials and providing legitimate proof to back up your sustainability claims by SocietyNext Foundation (independent third party and registered non-profit organzation) is trustworthy verification for customers, investors, analysts, ESG/Sustainability report writers, auditors, and other stakeholders.


All SDG Badges and SDG World Records are eligible to apply Sustainable Development in Action Vertification Statement.  The details will be shared in the SDG Badge Culture Workshop.


ESG Recognitions Ceremony Summer 2022

Showing Towards to

a Sustainable Future on

Your Symbolic ESG Identity


ESG Care Label

The ESG Care Label is co-granted by SocietyNext Foundation, 



Part 2

(Second Half-Year)

Sustainability (SDG) Cup
with Customers

The Sustainability Idea Cup (SDG Cup) started in 2016 and is driving public (customers) engagment of sustainability to create a safe space where corporates and external communities can develop innovative ideas for the radical implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG Cup is designed to empower participants to:

  1. Create innovative solutions to SDG-linked real-world challenges

  2. Gain strategies for synthesizing user research and identifying problems/opportunities for design

  3. Practice creative techniques to build rapid prototypes and make ideas come to life

  4. Practice Pitching - Features Functions Benefits Results

The SDG Cup by the Certified Trainer (each certified trainer has own email address) which is SDG Badge pre-approved.


Second Half-year
Vertification Statement
Application Submission


Sustainable Customer Experience Case Submission

Emotions are a critical aspect of customer experience, but how they influence customer experience and consumption outcomes is not entirely understood (Manthiou, Hickman, & Klaus, 2020). It is important to empirically examine how Sustainability Value Creations can be effectively designed across various touchpoints to induce a positive emotional connection and shape meaningful and sustainable customer experience that ultimately leads to brand loyalty and advocacy.


Incorporating Sustainability Values into Customer Experience through Education, Engagement, and Exposure

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Executive Summary (up to 250 words)

  • Case Presentation in Oct 2022 (up to 7 mins pre-recorded video)

  • Panel Interview by invitation

The jury will apply the following evaluation criteria

  • 40% Impact on society (social and/or environmental)

  • 40% Influence on society (social and/or environmental)

  • 20% Innovation in solutions


InnoESG Prize Recognitions Ceremony Fall (Dec 2022)

Co-organize with International Service Organizations

Showing Towards to

a Sustainable Future on

Your Symbolic ESG Identity


ESG Care Prize

ESG Care Prize 

(consecutive  years)

ESG Brand Prize

All Prizes are co-granted by SocietyNext Foundation, 



The ESG Prize Winners (last year) or nominations by Official Adjudicators 

are eligible to apply ESG Impact Prize Series,

please contact