Get ESG Leader Medal
as Symbolic Step Towards
a Sustainability Value Creation

Symbolic ESG Leader Identity

in the Public (Stage 1)


Symbolic ESG Identity for Leader can benefit: 

  • Makes people feel ESG/Sustainability relavance

  • Turns your sustainability support into visiable credibility

  • Shows your sustainability journey for ESG presence

Becoming An Official Adjudicator (Stage 2)

The adjudicator is a seasoned sustainability value creation leader who helps businesses and/or  organizations become more socially and environmentally responsible. This role also helps external stakeholders like potential customers or investors understand an organisation’s sustainability value creation.

The Scope includes:

  • Verifies the Evidence of Sustainability Achievement at Official Attempt Events

  • Presents the Official Achievement Trophies at Official Attempt Events

  • Takes photos at Official Attempt Events

The Official Achievement Trophies may be


Long-Term Impact

ESG Hall of Fame

(Stage 3)


The ESG Hall of Fame is the ultimate honor for Sustainability Value Creation Leaders. It represents the sum of their achievements as being among the greatest in a Sustainable Future.

InnoESG Prize

Recognitions Ceremony

Co-organize with International Service Organizations