InnoESG Leader Prize

The marketplace has seen a flurry of changes during the COVID-19. Good governance certainly helps companies withstand the ups and downs of the market. No matter your business model, from traditional to digital, transaction to subscription, or single sector to multi-sector, organizations striving to create sustainable prosperity cannot survive without a solid business environment.

In a new era for business, operations excellence is not enough, where the societal context will set new benchmarks for what it means to be a great company, great investment, and a great leader. The common characteristic will be to deliver competitive financial returns and help society meet its greatest challenges.

Responsible Governance and Continuous Wider Purpose (Business + Society Impact) Change helps corporations keep things in good balance. It also supports a company’s efforts to develop control mechanisms, increase shareholder value, and promote satisfaction with shareholders and stakeholders.

InnoESG Leader Prize for Continuous Wider Purpose Change (“leader prize”) recognizes chairpersons (chair or vice-chair) who have made significant contributions to drive Responsible Governance for social good and a sustainable world.


  1. Companies who can provide stock code, a D-U-N-S number or equivalent

  2. All participants must be endorsed by at least one nominator (self-nomination will not be taken into consideration.)


  1. Medium market capitalization

  2. Small market capitalization

  3. Emerging listed companies (within two years)

  4. Pre-IPO companies (Series D funding usually)


  1. Receiving Leader Medal at InnoESG Prize Presentation Ceremony

  2. Recognition of leadership in company

    1. Leader Prize eCertificate

    2. ESG Identity Profile link for showing eCertificate<profile>

  3. Leaders’ video shared on official online channel(s)

  4. Leaders’ name on program’s official website

  5. Leaders’ name on supplement

  6. Leaders’ name on ESG Game Changers book

Nominations will be processed in January and July each year. Depending on actual circumstances, nominations will normally be finalized within two months. The medal will be presented in April/May and October/November.

The recognition series is through SocietyNext Foundation and its international NGO alliances. Other kinds within this series include Program (Change) Prize (product / service / project), Community Prize, ESG Prize, Sustainability Prize, and Philanthropy Prize.

If you have additional questions, please email leader