Sustainable Society is an ecosystem, a lifestyle, or a community that supports itself and its surroundings. It’s also about creating a business model built to withstand changes in the market, and a willingness to adjust and innovate along the way. They require worldwide collaboration from government, the private sector, and other organizations in order to be achieved.



4 Types of Membership

Our membership comprises of different organizations across diverse sectors including various listed company, non-listed business, government, academic and community organisations.
Members not only gain network but can also contribute to sustainable future through participation.

Government Building Members

Recommended for 

1) Government/Global Institution

2) Funder/CharityTrustee

Stock Market Graph Members

Recommended for 

3) Listed/Would-be Listed Company

taking%2520selfie_edited_edited.jpg Members

Recommended for 

4) SME/Society Enterprise


Shaking Hands Members

Recommended for 

6) Channel/Knowledge Partner

7) Environmental Solutions Partner

8) Governance and Professional Services Partner

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