SocietyNext Foundation

(SocietyNext, SN)

Many analysts agree that the social factors of ESG improvements are the most difficult to analyze and integrate. Assessing the impact of corporate activities that are focused on the social aspect of ESG remains a challenge for many companies. SocietyNext Foundation believes that, through ESG recognitions and social endorsements of effective philanthropic and sustainability-based initiatives, we can spur more ESG improvements around the world!

SocietyNext Foundation ( is an independent assurance on ESG/SDG and is registered non-profit organization. Our People-Centric ESG Goodwill Enhancement Program helps companies around the World make tangible, positive impacts on ESG issues while encouraging their customers to do the same. Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.



To encourage more organizations to shift from

being singular purpose (focused solely on business returns) to

being wider purpose (focused on business returns AND social impacts),

thus enhancing positive impacts and generating sustainable prosperity.


To engage everyone to co-create a sustainable future.


SN values continuous contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We creating spaces for future generations to share their voices. We align business and future generations expectations. We collaborate with like-minded people to participate in positive future-proofing initiatives. We consistently communicate companies’ sustainability/ESG identities. And we increase companies ESG potentials and performances to enhance power of influence.

Sustainability/SDG Engagement  Fund

SocietyNext Foundation's Wider Purpose 


To make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs

through our sharing economy with NGOs and NPOs,

whereby some fees paid to us are redirected towards

underfunded* UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

since we believe ALL SDGs are vital.

*According to Sustainability Preferences of Future-Generations Research

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Advocacy or raising awareness is the first step to start localizing the SDGs.

SocietyNext Pledges 30%

Resources from our Program Series


Sustainability/SDG Engagement Fund 


Raising & Mapping Awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals

Eligible Sustainability/SDG Consultant Role (profile or non-profile)

can submit applications to carry out projects.

Applications are accepted in Sep and Mar Every Year.

The engagement projects may be showed on ESG Game Changers Book

It may be shown in Sharing Sessions of Executive ESG Forum Events