Embed Sustainability

in Project Management

69% of corporate brands across the globe stated

their business is integrating the SDGs into the business strategy

How to show your Sustainability Impact in the eyes of the Key Stakeholders

Objectives of the Embed Sustainability

in Project Management

1)Awareness ● 2)Action ● 3)Accomplishment

  1. Show Your Sustainability support through Using Shorten URL                                        shorten url  shared domains available                                                                                          project.do,                                                                                                                                        prj.do, prj.to, prj.bio,                                                                                                                 pmp.do, pmp.to, or pmp.bio                                                                                                    Convey a clear, singular message to customers, team members, employees, suppliers, communities, and all stakeholders:                                                                         "We are working towards a sustainable future."

  2. The Special MiniPage empowers non-technical makers to create/update multi-content items e.g., YouTube videos, documents, social media links, etc on a single web page for effective communication and building sustainable project management communication

  3. Program will join 1 mil trees around the World, real impact for a sustainable world      Certificate of Participation 1 Mil Trees Program


Embed Sustainability in Your Profession Now!

Benefit of Connecting to SDG

1) Sustainability Of Future Proof Impact

2) Take advantage of the SDG knowledge base

3) Work in synchronization with the rest of the world


Business Users

Lifetime deal

USD48/domain/one-time payment

Original pricing is USD348/year

USD118/7(all) domains/one-time payment

 Free Trial version (sustn.pm or trees.pm),

please contact us via


(a custom link pmp.do, pmp.to or pmp.bio requests users

with project management credential and first-come-first-serve basis)


SocietyNext Foundation (http://SocietyNext.org) is an independent registered non-profit organization.


Our Wider Purpose To make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs through our sharing economy with NGOs/NPOs, where some fees paid to us are redirected towards relatively neglected UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since all of SDGs are vital.

Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.