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ESG Empowerment Program


SDG Badge for

Empowering Team Members Works

Most people e.g., customers, impact investors, employees, suppliers, and communities, etc would like to see "Task Checked." Team members can work together (People-Centric Approach) on badges and track badge progress at their sustainability enhancement meetings.

The Badge(s) can be placed on website, on social media, on ESG Profile, and in an ESG/Sustainability report. Organizations take part will represent the SDG Badge and convey a clear, singular message to stakeholders: "We are working towards a sustainable future."

The SDG Badge is co-granted by SocietyNext Foundation, UNESCO HK Association Glocal Peace Centre, etc to show your Sustainability Value Creation Efforts in the eyes of different kinds of stakeholders.



  • Giving Team Members Authority

  • Positive Work Environment

  • Openness To New Ideas


This symbolic badge shows your sustainability/ESG efforts in the eyes of different kinds of stakeholders. And for those up for a challenge, there are loads of symbolic badges to aim for such as ESG Recognition Program or  InnoESG Prize Series.




into Force for Sustainability

Businesses need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk – they need to truly address environmental and social issues. Today’s environmential and societal issues are too complex to tackle alone. SN Global Chapters is deisgned to accelerate Sustainability/ESG Enhancement Efforts together.

The Global Chapters program aims to engage private and public (listed/would-be) organizations easily and publicly commit to addressing social and environmental challenges. 

Chapters host provide their members with sector-specific Official Attempt event/programs that achieves sustainability goals and work towards a sustainable future.

Starting and Operating a Viable and Sustainable Chapter

Form a team to start a Chapter wherever you are. Following is a basic requirements of starting a new chapter.


  • A core group of the Chapter at least THREE people

  • A Prospective Chapter must have produced at least ONE Official Attempt events/programs

  • Having venue(s) chpater could host future events/programs at

  • Paying chapter annual fee(s)

  • Having a firm understanding of brand and representation guideline

Proposing New Chapter Name

Any new chapter must assign a name. You can propose a chapter name that is reflecting your organzation name and unique. If the new chapter name is approved, Chapter  Logo and its Certificate will be issued to Certified Chapter every TWO years.


The name does NOT accept:

  • ​Violation of the Sustainable Development Goals and their values.

  • Foul language

  • Trademark infringement

Sustainability Idea Cup

(SDG Cup)

The SDG Day / SDG Cup started in 2016 and is driving an ecosystem of sustainability to create a safe space where corporates and external communities can develop innovative ideas for the radical implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDG Day / SDG Cup is designed to empower participants to:

  1. Create innovative solutions to SDG-linked real-world challenges

  2. Gain strategies for synthesizing user research and identifying problems/opportunities for design

  3. Practice creative techniques to build rapid prototypes and make ideas come to life

  4. Practice Pitching - Features Functions Benefits Results

The SDG Day / SDG Cup by the Certified Trainer (each certified trainer has own email address) which is SDG Badge

pre-approved program.


Every pre-endosred SDG Badge event/program will be assigned related Official Attempt Logo with an unique url of domain for public checking. 


SocietyNext (SN) supports the SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals. We are working towards a sustainable future through driving public private partnership. SN is collaborating with our cross-industry Global Chapters to deliver more Official Attempt SDG Badge/SDG World Record events/programs around the World. 

The application must be submitted

within 6 months before event or within 1 month after event

The application process details will be shared in the Onboarding. 

To learn more about ESG Empowerment Program,

please email