Step 2

Execution of


People-Centric Approach



How Do We Do It?

Objective of Step 2:

The Execution of Sustainability/ESG Enhancement in particular is notoriously complex, so executing a well-planned enhancement process does not guarantee predictable results. Therefore, you must prepare a variety of options, from the planned enhancement process to trial-and-error. With each attempt at program, examine what worked, what didn’t, what parts were resistant, etc.


  1. Communicate widely and clearly about the planned implementation, benefits, and who is affected. Answer questions, clarify misunderstandings, and dispel rumors.

  2. Promote and empower action. Encourage employees to get involved proactively with the program, and support managers in providing  direction to staff.

  3. Involve others as much as possible. These easy wins can accumulate into larger wins, and working with more people can help you navigate various stakeholders.

Everyone can claim that they are a sustainable brand, but what matters is how that brand makes potential customers feel. Brands that are truly seen as sustainable evoke an emotional reaction from consumers on a deep, personal level.


Loving a brand or caring for a brand does not automatically make it believable. True sustainability for a brand depends on the business walking the talk. 

Without this UN-backed framework, we cannot buy into a sustainable vision of the world. The SDGs also can be aligned with ESG (insights will be shared in Certification Workshop for Tools), which in turn helps companies promote sustainability, philanthropy, and public social impacts.

Without the objectives and facts, we cannot act upon or pass on accurate and useful information. But now we that we are aware of some of these problems, we must reassess for our future and take action.

In an era of sustainability, having a systematic action plan can definitely help to focus on a common perspective, like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This fantastic list of 17 goals, created by the UN at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides a manageable framework to view the world’s problems.

SDGs are also becoming increasingly important to investors. A PwC survey of global companies revealed the 72% made reference to the SDGs in annual or sustainability reports.


Sustainability/ESG Enhancement Tools


SDG Badge for

Empowering Team Members Works

Most people e.g., customers, impact investors, employees, suppliers, and communities, etc would like to see "Task Checked." Team members can work together (People-Centric Approach) on badges and track badge progress at their sustainability enhancement meetings.

The Badge(s) can be placed on a website, on window, on social media and in an ESG/Sustainability report. Organizations take part will represent the SDG Badge and convey a clear, singular message to stakeholders: "We are working towards a sustainable future."

SN also collaborate with other international service organizations e.g., UNESOC HKA GPC, etc, to present related SDG Badge for future-proof impact efforts performed.



  • Show ongoing contributions to sustainable develoment in the eyes of stakeholders

  • Extend engagement and positive reinforcement in the company through action taken and its celebration

  • Participate in an easy first step towards sustainable business transformation

This symbolic badge shows your sustainability/ESG efforts in the eyes of different kinds of stakeholders. And for those up for a challenge, there are loads of symbolic badges to aim for such as ESG-Goodwill Plaque and/or InnoESG Prize Series.


Every pre-endosred SDG Badge event/program will be assigned related Official Attempt Logo with an unique url of domain for public checking. 


SocietyNext (SN) supports the SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals. We are working towards a sustainable future through driving public private partnership. SN is collaborating with our cross-industry Global Chapters to deliver more Official Attempt SDG Badge events/programs around the World. 

The application must be submitted

within 6 months before event or within 1 month after event

The application process details will be shared in the Certification Workshop. 

To learn more about SDG Badge & Official Attempt,

please email


More Record Breakings mean Sustainability improves

around the World!

SDG World Record Holder Certificate

Sustainability is important for a very simple, straightforward reason: we cannot maintain our quality of life as human beings, the diversity of life on Earth, or Earth’s ecosystems, unless we embrace it.

The World Record Holders came from around the World.

More Record Breakings mean Sustainability improves around the World!

The application process details will be shared in the Certification Workshop.

To learn more about SDG World Record,

please email



Your Sustainability Evdience for

Sustainable Business Credibility

"The issuer may seek independent assurance to strengthen the credibility of  the ESG information disclosed.

HKEX's Appendix 27 Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting Guide (Point 9)

Sustainable Development in Action

Vertification Statement

Effectively communicating your business credentials and providing legitimate proof to back up your sustainability claims by SocietyNext Foundation (independent third party and registered non-profit organzation) is trustworthy verification for customers, investors, analysts, ESG/Sustainability report writers, auditors, and other stakeholders.


All SDG Badges and SDG World Records are eligible to apply Sustainable Development in Action Vertification Statement.

The application process details will be shared in the Certification Workshop.

To learn more about SDG Badge/ SDG World Record Vertification Statement,

please email us


All SDG Badges, SDG World Records, and   Vertification Statements,will be uploaded automatically to our immutable cloud storage which provide a trustworthy mechanism for verifying that the info have not been altered after the fact in eyes of the key stakeholders.