Step 3

Post-Execution of 



People-Centric Approach



Increasing Your Visibility

in the Eyes of Stakeholers

Objective of Step 3:

The Post-execution of Sustainability/ESG Enhancement means reinforcing and institutionalizing the desired changes, ensuring they are widely accepted, utilized all the time, and incorporated into the business and the organizational culture.


  1. Impact evaluation is an assessment of how the intervention being evaluated affects.

  2. Tie the new changes into the culture by identifying change supports and enhancement barriers.

  3. Develop and promote ways to sustain the enhancement long-term. Consider:

    1. Ensuring leadership and management support and adapting organizational structure (ESG Committee) when necessary.

    2. Establishing feedback processes.

    3. Creating a rewards system.

  4. Offer training, support, and communication for both the short- and long-term. Promote both formal and informal methods, and remember the various ways that employees learn.

  5. Celebrate success!

According to the International Valuation Standards, a Framework to Assess Sustainability Value Creation Opportunities at the Enterprise


Benefits of Strong ESG Value Creation:

  1. Reliance on Brand/Brand Strength

  2. Reliance on Human Capital and Workforce Skill Level

  3. Nature of Customer Relationships

  4. Premium to Book Value and Value-added Business Model

  5. Tangible Asset Intensity

Impact Evaluation




Enhancement Tools

InnoESG Prize 


Co-organize with International Service Organizations since 2019.


Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed companies, private companies and more.


ESG Recognitions

in Sustainability Journey

Showing Your

Sustainability/ESG Efforts to

Different Stakeholders

Being consistent allows you to establish awareness, build trust and deliver your intangible sustainability values efficiently and profitably.

ESG-Goodwill Plaque aims to recognize public or private companies who are consistently Working Towards to a Sustainable Future!

ESG-Goodwill Plaque

One of the keys to successful Sustainability/ESG Enhancement is to recognize the importance of celebrating small steps during enhacement (Peope-Centric Approach).  The power of progress helps to track and celebrate the small steps on the way to that big hairy audacious goal.

To learn more about earning more SDG Badges or

accepting ESG-Goodwill Plaque for Company

please email us


Took Sustainability/ESG


the Next Level

ESG Profile is designed for

"Ongoing Enhancement of Sustainable Business Credibility (SBC)

Credibility comprises the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message. With customers, investors, pre-employee and other key stakeholders subjected to thousands of brand messages a day, business must make an impression quickly

Scenarios requiring interparty trust are quite common in the business world as well, where customers, investors or other stakeholders expect not only an accurate info, but also a trustworthy mechanism for verifying that the info have not been altered after the fact in a convenient way.

ESG Profile provides three important trustworthy tools:

  • Immutable Cloud Storage

  • Unique Website Address 

  • Subscription-based Notifications

The Immutable Cloud Storage means that the uploaded vertified files is unchanging over time. It brings more trust and integrity to the data different stakeholders use and share every day.

Different Sustainability/ESG related docs from any assurancer e.g., vertification statement, report, and/or program info also can be uploaded.

The SDG Badge, the SDG World Record, the ESG-Goodwill Plaque, the InnoESG Prize, and all SN issues items will be automatically uploaded to the immutable cloud storage.

The Unique Website Address is http://<Company> / / Your can custom own name for <Company> part.  It is simple and clear message - Talking about Sustainability/ESG before clicking. The memorable website address get found easily by different stakeholders. The address will be combined with the Immutable Cloud Storage.

Custom name can benefit your sustainable business by helping you to: 

  • Adds professional credibility to your business

  • Provides visibility for your brand

  • Creates mobility for your internet presence

Combing Custom Website Address and Immutable Cloud Stage that can create an open trusted ESG profile between organzation and stakeholders.


Subscription-based notifications will enable your ESG Profile to take a step forward to “household name” through shifting connection from reactive to proactive. Subscription-based notifications enable different kinds of stakeholders to proactively subscribe to vertified information update that interest them! 


For Listed Companies in Q4 2021

For Non-listed Companies in Dec 2021

Official Out 

on 1 Jan 2022

For own URL booking,

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ESG Profile

The application process details will be shared in the Certification Workshop.

To learn more about ESG Profile,

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Company's New Value Added

Intangible Sustainability Values

(Beside Product/Service Values)

Open Trusted ESG Profile is designed

(http://<Company> / /

for ongoing enhancement of Your Sustainable Business Credibility (SBC)

Analyst,  Funder & Executive Circulation

Unleashing Your

Intangible ESG-Goodwill thru ESG Profile

as Competitive Value of Company