Leading Self ● Leading Others 

Tree.pm helps all of you to Embrace Sustainability

1)Awareness ● 2)Action ● 3)Accomplishment

Convey a clear, singular message to employers, team members,

customers, suppliers, communities, and all stakeholders:

"We are working towards a sustainable future."

Program will plant 1 mil trees around the World, real impact for a sustainable world      Tree.pm Certificate of Participation, 1 Mil Trees Program (support SDG 13)

Paperless by Shorten url reflects your mind (support SDG 12) 

Show Your Sustainability support in daily communication

leader.do, impact.do, diversity.do, dni.do

green.do, grn.do, netzero.do, co2.do, climate.do, clim.do,

project.do, prj.do, pmp.do*,

process.do, quality.do, iso.do*, qc.do,

* pmp.do and iso.do domains are independent from any accreditation, institute or association.

PMP is registered marks of the PMI and ISO is registered marks of the ASQ.

The Personal Profile Page empowers non-technical makers to create/update multi-content items e.g., YouTube videos, documents, social media links, etc on a single web page for effective communication and building transparency and trust world (support SDG 9)

You can take photos for Your Personal Profile Page

e.g., "Framed Tree" or other sustainability actions

How to show your Positive Impacts

in the eyes of the Key Stakeholders

69% of corporate brands across the globe stated their business

is integrating the SDGs into the business strategy

Who Trust Us


Plant 1 Mil Trees as early as possible!

(embrace sustainability)

USD49 per unit (life deal)

Tree.pm Certificate of Participation

Additional Fee

1,000 Shorten links with a selected domain

One Unique Url with Personal Profile Page

http://selecteddomain/<unique>, first come first serve

Please contact us via


Thanks for submitting!

Choose your shorten link domain(s), one unit one domain

SocietyNext Foundation (http://SocietyNext.org) is an independent registered non-profit organization.


Our Wider Purpose To make meaningful contributions to unmet societal needs through our sharing economy with NGOs/NPOs, where some fees paid to us are redirected towards relatively neglected UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since all of SDGs are vital.

Many businesses have already taken part including those from the Fortune 500, blue chip companies, listed/would be listed companies, private companies, and more.

Another Sister Program for Corporate