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Take a position on social and environmental issues, companies must show continual commitment towards sustainability practices, employees and customers in seeking public trust.


It’s important that companies demonstrate ideal sustainable behaviour that they expect from the market. Fostering trust and building relationships with customers as well as investors can be a monumental task and time intensive, but it can be accomplished through regular communication strategies.

With both customers and investors subjected to thousands of brand messages a day, business must make an impression quickly. Studies show that the first seven seconds that an engages with a brand is often make-or-break.

Aim of We Support SDG initiative

It allows organizations to strategically communicate their commitment to, development for, and act on, sustainability, philanthropy, and positive impact, in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.


  1. To Pledge on Supporting SDG-linked Sustainability Challenges

  2. To Raise Employee Awareness About Sustainability

  3. To Make Small Wins through Sustainability Practices

  4. To Achieve Record-breaking SDG-linked Sustainability

Why SDG-linked Matters

The Most Member States of the Unitied Nations to Adopt Sustainability Goals. Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the 193 Member States (ALL States) of the United Nations at the General Assembly in September 2015, outlines a transformative vision for economic, social and environmental development.

​Different people have different definitaiton of sustainability, having a systematic action plan can definitely help to focus on a common perspective, like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  This fantastic list of 17 goals, created by the UN at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, provides a manageable framework to view the world’s problems. But all of these goals are vital. https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/ ​

These goals break down each area such as poverty and climate action into an overarching objective, facts and key results, providing a framework for governments, companies and individuals to become sustainable. ​


Without this UN-backed framework, we cannot buy into a sustainable vision of the world. Without the objectives and facts, we cannot act upon or pass on accurate and useful information.

We cannot maintain our quality of life, Earth’s biodiversity, or our global ecosystems without embracing a sustainable future.

ESG-oriented investing has experienced a meteoric rise—global sustainable investment now tops $30 trillion. A lot of investors align their investment framework with the SDG. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a great tool for measuring sustainable progress within organisations.


They allow organisations to clearly communicate real impact, facilitate easier access to the growing market for sustainability financing, and connect investors with a pipeline of potential opportunities to address the ESG investing gap.

The SDG’s raise awareness of many of the global problems whilst providing a framework for countries and businesses to create realistic and accurate targets for improvement. The Goals show the importance of sustainability for our future and the urgent need to take action.

Many companies have since also integrated the Goals into their business practices including UBS, Citi, PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Manulife, Swarovski, etc.

The ESG regulatory framework is under constant review and development as new information becomes available, causing it to become increasingly complex. Business is entering an age of sustainability and ESG, driven by changing market demands and expectations from society.

Companies must now align their growth needs with a focus on wider social and environmental aspirations. Businesses must now be “Competing on a Sustainability / ESG Brand”.

Three Key Futures

of the We Support SDG

Everyone can claim that they are a sustainable brand, but what matters is how that brand makes potential customers feel. Brands that are truly seen as sustainable evoke an emotional reaction from customers on a deep, trust level.


Loving a brand or caring for a brand does not automatically make it believable. True sustainability for a brand depends on the business walking the talk. Therefore each implementation program, by our ESG  Acceleration Centers or SN Global Chapters, of the We Support SDG must be included THREE key features!

Commitement | Knowledge | Action


Sustainable Development Commitement:

A comitement is a crucial part of your sustainability/ESG strategy. As an extension of your company positioning statement, it helps to make your organisation more desirable, and relatable.

  • Your commitement should be simple

  • Your commitement should be credible

  • Your commitement should be actionable

Sustainable Development Knowledge:

Learning actionable knowledge has the potential to transform both environmental and society towards achieving sustainability goals. Harnessing this transformative potential may require a deeper understanding of what drives knowledge use and how it contributes to sustainability action.

Sustainable Development Action:

Establishing a successful brand promise isn’t always easy. You’ll need to find a pledge that you can live by in everything you do and say as a company. Promises are the foundation of customer trust. When your consumers trust you, they begin to feel loyal to your brand.

From Commitement to Action approach allows an organisation to help focus corporate behavior on things that matter most to an organization and help drive success. They can provide a common way to communicate with internal or external stakholders.


We Support SDG


Effectively communicating your business credentials and providing proof to back up your sustainability / ESG claims by independent third parties is important verification for all stakeholders.

Every program of the We Support SDG is obtain positive impact vertification from the SDG World Records.

Upon completion of the program, the participing organizations will receive We Support SDG

  • Certificate


  • SDG World Record - Collaborative Practitioner Plate

Certified Logo of either We Support SDG, SDG World Record or SDG Badge can be placed on a website, on social media, on letterhead, and in an annual Sustainability / ESG report, etc.

Maximise awareness, excitement and media coverage before and after with license of the We Support SDG certified logo, SDG World Record Collaborative Partctitioner's certified logo.

Sustainability / ESG is journey not a destination! Organizations take part will represent the We Support SDG and SDG World Record, and convey a clear, singular message to stakeholders: "We are working towards a sustainable future."

We Support SDG

(Sustainable Partnership)



To mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technology and financial resources, to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals).


The Award is open to all organisations from the public, private, and NGO sector with validated business registration around the world.

Award Criteria:

At least two vertified positive impacts in last 12 months


A paragraph of 100 words maximum as a justification for award (it may be shared on the official award website and/or different publications)

Consecutive Award Criteria:

We Support SDG Award for at least two consecutive years

Outstanding Award Criteria:

Top 20% of awardees with additional panel interview

Evidence for Positive Impact Vertified:

Join at least TWO We Support SDG programs

Award Presentation:

Bi-annually (Jun and Nov) at InnoESG Prize Presentation Ceremony

We Support SDG (Sustainable Partnership) Award is a member of InnoESG Prize Series.

Submission Deadline:

Before TWO months of Presentation


  • Awards winnings enhance Visibility

  • It separates you from the competition

  • Awards help with Recruiting

Entry Fee:

The funding of the Prize Series is directly subsidised by the SocietyNext Foundation.

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